Thorne Family Genealogy

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Thorne Family

Sidney Charles Thorne

Birth:1894 Marriage:1925 Death:1954

Sidney Thorne

Sidney Charles Thorne's Royal Navy Service record.

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Nunhead Cemetery

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Mother was Kate Ruby Poole. Father was Charles Thomas Edgar Thorne. Born 9th Dec 1894, at 69 Friar Street London, England.

Married at 31 years of age to Amelia Jane Hawkins, on the 19th Dec 1925 at Southwark registry office, London.

Spent some time at the Royal Navy Training Establishment for Boys. Signing up to the Royal Navy on his 18th birthday in 1912, for a period of 12 years. Leaving early in 1922.

During WWI Sidney was stationed on HMS Vulcan (Jul 1913 to Mar 1915), a submarine depot ship that was up in Leith, Scotland. Then later he served on HMS Mantis (from Dec 1915), a river Gunboat, that was used from early 1916 to the end of the war in Mesopotamia (Tigris river). Sidney's Navy records also show that he was a Navy Diver from 1919.

Awarded the 1914-1915 Star, the British War Medal and Victory Medal. These three campaign medals, collectively known as 'Pip, Squeak and Wilfred' after characters in a Daily Mirror cartoon of the period.

Joined the Merchant Navy. Involved in Salvage work in the North Atlantic 1923, and served in the Royal Marine Police Special Reserve from Sept 1939 to Nov 1941 (H.M dockyard Chatham - rank of Constable), and then was at Admiralty buildings from Nov.1941 to Oct.1945.

Sidney and Amelia had six children. Five boys and one girl.

Sidney died in 1954, aged 59, of throat cancer.

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Some known addresses...
1894 - 69 Friar Street - aged 0
1897 - 89 Suffolk St - aged 3
1901 - 46 Great Suffolk street - aged 6
1908 - 7 King's Place Borough - aged 13
1911 - 13 Union Road Borough - aged 16
1919 - 188L Queens buildings - aged 25
1925 - 188L Queens buildings - aged 31
1940 - 188L Queens buildings - aged 45
194? - Hillingdon Street
1945 - 35 Reading House - aged 51
1954 - 35 Reading House - aged 59

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Charles Thomas Thorne

Birth:1870 Marriage:1893 Death:1911

Mother was Sarah Ann Parker. Father was George Thorne. Born 17th June 1870. Family lived at 10 Belham Street, Camberwell.

Married at 23 years of age, to Kate Ruby Poole in 1893. He was a labourer in a yeast factory/boilermaker's labourer and later an Engine driver/Stoker. Charles and Kate's children were:

Sidney Charles (b.1894)
Percy William (b.1896)
Dora Ethel (b.1897)
Frank Walter (b.1900)
Leah Victoria (b.1902)
Isabella (b.1909)

They had four children, Leslie, Dora, Leah Victoria died same year she was born (1904), and Percy born 1896 who also died within his first year. Dolly (Dora) married a Harry Lee.

The 1901 census, and 1911 census return is available for Charles and his family.

Charles died in 1911, aged 42.

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Some known addresses...
1870 - 10 Belham street - aged 0
1871 - 10 Belham street - aged 9 months
1881 - Late Shoreditch Industrial Sch Brentwood - aged 11
1893 - 30 Gravel Lane - aged 23
1895 - 69 Friar Street - aged 25
1896 - 124 Southwark Bridge Rd - aged 26
1897 - 89 Suffolk St - aged 27
1898 - 3 Victoria Buildings - aged 28
1901 - 46 Great Suffolk Street - aged 31
1904 - 46 Great Suffolk St - aged 34
1908 - 7 King's Place Borough - aged 38
1911 - 13 Union Road Borough - aged 42
1911 - 7 Kings Place Borough - aged 42

George Frank Thorne

Birth:1832 Marriage:1864 Death:1872

Mother was Hannah Cove. Father was Thomas Thorne. Born 1832, in Bath Somerset. George is shown in census returns and certificate entries as a Railway ticket collector.

Married Sarah Ann Parker, in 1864, at St Leonard's Shoreditch, London. George & Sarah's children were:

George Walter Thorne (b.1864)
Alice Maude Thorne (b.1866)
Ernest Thorne (b.1868)
Charles Thorne (b.1870)
Edith Thorne (b.1872)

George, on the 1851 Census, is unmarried & residing at Winchester barracks, a soldier (private) in the 13th regiment of the foot Somerset Light Infantry. From 1851–1854 the 13th was stationed in Gibraltar. In June 1855 the regiment arrived in the Crimea as part of the Anglo-French forces conducting a campaign against the Russians. They took part in the Siege of Sevastopol, and remained there after the ending of hostilities in February 1856. With the outbreak of the Indian Mutiny in 1857 the 13th arrived at Kolkata in October of that year. The Crimea Roll shows George as a Private. The Indian Mutiny roll shows George as a Corporal in 1858, and then in 1861 he is listed as a Sergeant. On the 1871 census he is found with is wife and children in London.

George died 25th February 1872, at Guys Hospital, aged 40.

Census returns after George died, show that his widow Sarah Ann remarried. His son Charles in 1881, is residing at the Shoreditch Industrial School (Brentwood) for fatherless children. His daughter Alice in 1881 was residing at the Soldiers Daughters Home. To be admitted her father would have had to of been in Crimean war, & the 13th foot were briefly at Sevastopol(Regiment also played a part in suppressing the Indian Mutiny). Ernest had died a month or so before the 1881 census was taken (April of that year).

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Some known addresses...
1832 - St.James Street - aged 0
1841 - 19 St.James Parade - aged 9
1851 - Winchester - aged 20
1864 - New Inn Street, Shoreditch
1871 - 10 Belham street - aged 36

Thomas Thorne

Birth:1807 Marriage:1831 Death:1855

Born 1807 in Bath Somerset. Occupation House Painter.

Married to Hannah Cove in 1831, at St.James's Bath. Thomas and Hannah's children were:

George Thorne (b.1832)
Charlotte Thorne (b.1837)
Mary Ann Thorne (b.1840)
Hannah Thorne (b.1843)
Eliza Thorne (b.1846)

Thomas and his family can be found on the 1841 census, and the 1851 census, in Bath Somerset.

Thomas dies in 1855, age 48, in Bath Somerset. Lead poisoning.

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Some known addresses...
1807 - Bath Somerset - aged 0
1832 - Bath Somerset - aged 25
1837 - Pultney Road, Bath Somerset - aged 30
1840 - St James Parade, Bath Somerset - aged 33
1841 - 19 St James Parade, Bath Somerset - aged 34
1851 - 8 Bridge Place, Bath Somerset - aged 44
1855 - 4 Wells Place, Bath Somerset - aged 48

Joseph Thorne

Birth:1773 Marriage: Death:1818

Mother was Hannah, and father was Daniel Thorne. Born 1773, in Bath Somerset.

Married to Mary, surname unknown. Joseph and Mary's children were:

Samuel Thorne (b.1800)
Mary Anne Thorne (b.1800)
Matilda Thorne (b.1803)
Tammey Thorne (b.1803)
Eliza Ann Thorne (b.1805)
Thomas Thorne (b.1807)
Henry Thorne (b.1808)
Joanna Thorne (b.1810)
Wilhelmina Thorne (b.1812)

Joseph died in 1818, aged 63.

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Daniel Thorne

Birth:??? Marriage: Death:

Wife was Hannah, Surname unknown.

Daniel and Hannah's son:

Joseph Thorne (b.1773)
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