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Group photo - Lee, Marr, Thorne family wedding - 1948 - England

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Researching the ancestors of Sidney Charles Thorne and Amelia Jane Hawkins, of London England.

I hope you find the information that you are looking for within these pages. If you would like to share your information with me, I would be very happy to receive it! Use the contact link on any page to send me a message with new information, corrections, requests for further information or any other comments you may have.

Any cousins of the Thorne or Hawkins family do please take the time to say hi. Thorne family tree smile

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View Thorne/Hawkins Family Tree chart I suggest you start at the main family tree diagram, from here you can click on any name of a direct ancestor, and be taken to a page with further information on each person.

Wherever you are on the site you can always get back to the main site sections by using the links that appear at the top and bottom of each page.

Extra Information & sources

On the surname pages, each ancestor has a short summary about their lives. If more information is required, such as sources, IGI, or certificates obtained, then click on the link provided at the end of each summary section.

Also at the very end of each surname page is a link to an interactive google map that shows all the ancestor addresses marked.

Lost... you can always use the sitemap link to see a definitive list of what pages the site has to offer.

Updates of note:

• 15/03/17 *Ancestors Addresses - Google Maps
• 18/11/15 *Mobile Version of Website is Live
• 12/04/09 *Arthur P Hawkins - Trial 1907
• 02/04/08 *Sidney Thorne - Grave located
• 02/01/08 *Sidney Thorne - Royal Navy record
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