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Additional Notes & Sources

John Horatio Leigh Hunt

Birth Details

John Horatio Smith Russell Leigh Hunt (He added the names Smith & Russell himself)

Born 1812 - Died 1846.

Marriage Certificate

      Date: Dec 2nd 1840 
    Parish: Mary Le Strand, 
      Name: John Horatio, 28
Occupation: Author. 
    Father: Leigh Hunt
      Name: Harriett, 26
    Father: Benjamin Lapham, 
   Address: 5 Wellington Strand
 Witnesses: George Lapham
            E Lapham. 

NOTE: No.5 Wellington Strand is the address of Harriet's Brother, George Lapham.

BMD Index

Marriages Dec 1840
Hunt  John Horatio  Strand  1  338 
Lapham  Harriett    Strand  1  338

John Leigh Hunt & Harriett Lapham

Marriage 2nd December 1840, at Saint Mary Le Strand, Westminster

1841 Census

5 Martlett Court  (Just off Bow Street)

    John Leigh Hunt Head 25  Clerk
Harriett Leigh Hunt Wife 25
Marianne Leigh Hunt Dau  41/2
    Ruth Leigh Hunt Dau  2

Ref: HO 107 / 740 / 34 / 8

Parish, Saint Martin in the Fields. City, Liberty of Westminster

NOTE: On the 1841 census ages were rounded down to the nearest five, if person is over 15 years of age.
Death Certificate

John Horatio Hunt, died 1846 (copy of entry of death)

          Date: 19th June 1846 
            At: 10 Gough Square, 
                St Dunstins.
           Age: 33 years.       
    Occupation: Author.
Cause of death: Phthisis, 
                6 weeks certified.
    Registered: 22nd of June.
Name & residence of informant: "The mark X of Jane Court present at the death" 4 ??? Lane, Farringdon Street.

NOTE: Phthisis - Chronic wasting away or a name for tuberculosis.

NOTE: Gough Square is just off fleet st.

BMD Index

Deaths Jun 1846
HUNT John Horatio   W London  2  175  

John Horatio Hunt, 
St Dunstan In The West, 1846

1851 Census

John's widow and children.

 Harriett L Hunt, Wid, 35, Needlewoman, London
     Ruth L Hunt, Dau, 11, Scholar, London
     Ruby L Hunt, Dau, 6 , Scholar, London
Catherine L Hunt, Dau, 4 , at home, London
 Elizabeth Green, Visitor, 25, Um.

Address: 18 Shoe Lane

Parish: St Brides, City: London, Ref: H.O.107 1527. Entry: 39.

NOTE: Shoe Lane is just off of Fleet street London.

1861 census

For John's widow, and children.

Head  Harriett Hunt, 45, Wid Middlesex, Clerkenwell, Needlewoman.
 Dau  Mary Ann Hunt, 24, Wid Middlesex, Pimlico, Singer.
 Dau      Ruby Hunt, 17, UM  Middlesex, Envelope Folder.
 Dau Catherine Hunt, 15,     Middlesex, Envelope Folder.
G.son Roland Bakers, 1,      Middlesex.

Address: 8 Wine Office Court, Saint Brides,  Middlesex. Ward of Farringdon without.

RG9/221  Folio:35  Page:74  Entry:510.

NOTE: Wine Office Court is North out of Fleet Street, at No.145, to King's Head Court, Shoe Lane, which is now also called Wine Office Court (P.O. Directory). In Farringdon Ward Without.

IGI Christening

Saint Brides, Fleet Street 
2nd August 1846

 Mary Anne Leigh Hunt, b. 05/04/1837
      Ruth Leigh Hunt, b. 10/09/1839
      Ruby Leigh Hunt, b. 14/10/1843
Harriet C. Leigh Hunt, b. 11/05/1846

Father: John Leigh Hunt, author
Mother: Harriett
 Abode: 18 Shoe Lane

NOTE: All four girls Christening take place nearly two months after their father's death.

John's Daughter...

Ruth Leigh Hunt

Born - 10th Sep 1839
BMD Index - Marriages Mar 1858
William Patrick  W.London 1c 92
Ruth Leigh       W.London 1c 92

Parish Record Marriage

   Groom: William Patrick Egan
   Bride: Ruth Leigh Hunt
    Date: 15 Mar 1858
   Place: St. Andrew, 
          Holborn, Middlesex
G.Father: Timothy Egan
B.Father: John Hunt
Children - Charles Egan
           Harry Egan
           Elizabeth Egan
           Frederick Egan
           Ruth Egan             
           William Egan
           Charlotte Egan
NOTE: Have Ruth on the 1861, 1871 and 1881 census.

Harriett's Daughter...

Ruby Leigh Hunt

Born - 14th Oct 1843
BMD Index - Births Dec 1843
HUNT Ruby Leigh  Wt London 2 232
Certificate Birth
   Date: 14th Oct 1843.
   Name: Ruby Leigh Hunt
 Mother: Harriet Hunt 
         (formerly Lapham}
 Father: John Horatio Smith Russell Leigh Hunt
Address: 36 Farringdon St

BMD Index - Marriages Sep 1870 
HUNT  Ruby Leigh   Holborn 1b 991
Shand Thomas       Holborn 1b 991


BMD Index - Deaths Mar 1871 
Shand  Ruby  27yrs  Holborn 1b 534

Harriett's Daughter...

Harriet Catherine Leigh Hunt 

Born - 11th May 1846

Certificate - Marriage

   Date: May 31st 1868. 
   Name: Edward Poole
         Brass moulder
 Father: Edward Poole, Carman
Address: Castle street
   Name: Harriet Catherine Leigh Hunt, 22
 Father: John Hunt, Author
Address: Castle street  
Witness: Edward Poole
         Ruby Leigh Hunt 

BMD Index - Marriages June 1868 
Hunt  Harriett Catherine L  W.London 1c 74
Poole Edward                W.London 1c 74

Parish Record Marriage

   Groom: Edward Poole
   Bride: Harriet Catherine Leigh Hunt
    Date: 31 May 1868
   Place: St. Andrew, 
          Holborn, Middlesex
G.Father: Edward Poole
B.Father: John Hunt
Children - Edward Poole 
           Catherine Ruby Poole                                 
           Arthur Poole
NOTE: For more information, see Harriet Leigh Hunt/Poole's Individual Record.
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